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As the Weightlifting Competitions during 2014 Youth Olympic Games Nanjing , China is still in progress and reached its half , the Asian Youth lifters performed excellently so that at the end of the third day of the competitions , most of the brilliant and invaluable medals won by the Asian Youth athletes .

In Youth Girls ‘ 48 kg category , JIANG Huihua from China appeared beyond the expectations and victoriously succeeded to lift 88 kg in Snatch and 105 kg in Clean & Jerk winning the gold medal with a total lift of 193 kg , and it should be pointed out that she also was able to reach the Snatch World record leaving her rivals behind with a difference of 28 kg .

After the champion , weightlifters from DPR Korea and Latvia respectively stood on the 2nd and 3rd wining place . There were 11 Youth girl lifters participating in 48 kg category .

On the other hand , 8 Youth girl athletes competed with each other in 53 kg bodyweight category that in the end it was PAKKARATHA Rattanaphon from Thailand who strongly managed to became the gold medalist . This Thai lifter could hoist 81 kg in her Snatch attempt and 109 kg in Clean & Jerk . The DPR Korean lifter was able to be the silver medalist and a lifter from Tunisia could stand on the 3rd winning place due to her lighter bodyweight in comparison with her opponent from Venezuela .

In Youth Girls’ 58 kg category ultimately CHIANG Nien-Hsin representing Chinese Taipei strongly triumphed to lift 88 kg in Snatch and 115 in her Clean & Jerk resolutely claimed to be the champion with a total lift of 203 kg .But , the level of the competition in this category was not that much high . The Russian athlete became the second place winner and consequently a lifter from Argentina managed to attain the bronze medal . There were 10 athletes attending this category that four of them represented Asia continent .

It is worth mentioning that 2 world records broken in Youth Boys’ 56 kg category .

MENG Cheng a 17 year-old Chinese lifter who had previously succeeded to set a new Snatch World record during Asia Youth Championships in Bangsaen ( March 2014) , this time not only was able to repeat the record of lifting 128kg in Snatch , but also established a new record in Clean & Jerk by lifting 155 kg improving the total world record in Youth boys ‘ 56 kg category with a total lift of 283 kg .

Other remaining medals of this category won by the Asian athletes ; The lifters from Vietnam and Uzbekistan were only able to win silver and bronze medals owing to their lighter bodyweight . There were 12 lifters taking part in 56 kg category .

In Youth Boys’ 62 kg category , 11 lifters competed against their rivals and finally it was PAK Jongju from DPR Korea who became victorious in lifting 120 kg in his Snatch and 143 kg in Clean & Jerk attempt winning the precious gold medal . Following the gold medalist , a lifter from Thailand succeeded to become the runner-up and an Italian athlete managed to be the bronze medalist .

It is to be mentioned that there were 12 weightlifters partaking in Youth Boys’ 69 kg category . This was the first category in which the first gold medal took from the hands of the Asian athletes because ANDREEV Bozhidar Dimitrov from Bulgaria was successful in lifting 133 kg in Snatch and 167 kg in Clean & Jerk becoming the gold medalist with a total lift 300 kg. The lifters from Russia and Colombia respectively could achieve the second place and third winning title.

In Youth Girls’ 63 kg category 8 athletes competed with their opponents that only one of them was from Asia. In this bodyweight category the gold, silver and bronze medal respectively won by the representative lifters from Egypt , Mexico and Ukraine . AHMED Sara a 16-year-old Egyptian lifter was victorious in hoisting 103 kg in Snatch and 125 kg in Clean & Jerk becoming the gold medalist with a total lift of 228 kg surpassing all her rivals . The records set by the first place winner was very close to the world records .

In Youth Girls’ + 63 kg category , 12 lifters competed with their rivals and in the end CHAIDEE Duanganksorn the heavyweight Thai lifter triumphed in lifting 106 kg in Snatch and 138 kg in her Clean & Jerk attempt obtaining the gold medal with a total lift of 244 kg . The Russian lifter became the silver medalist and the athlete from Kazakhstan became the bronze medalist merely on the account of her heavier bodyweight . There was an attractive and eye-catching contest going on among the lifters of Youth Boys’ 77 kg category in which MKRTCHYAN Hakob from Armenia achieved success in hoisting 142 kg in Snatch and 177 kg in Clean & Jerk attaining the gold medal with a total lift of 319 kg leaving his rivals behind . Following the champion and gold medalist , surprisingly the 17 year-old Indian athlete prosperously managed to win the silver medal becoming the runner-up with a total lift of 316 kg . Thence , the bronze medal won by the Kazakh lifter who could establish a total record of 310 kg .

It should be mentioned that there were 10 weightlifters participating in 77 kg category .

Only 5 lifters took part in Youth Men’s 85 kg category . Ultimately it was KHUGAEV Khetag from Russia who accomplished to hoist 164 kg in Snatch and 191 kg in his Clean & Jerk attempt becoming the champion with a total lift of 355 kg . The representative lifters of Egypt and Uzbekistan respectively could become the silver and bronze medalist

Furthermore, it is worth mentioning that there were 8 athletes attending +85 kg category . The Superheavyweight champion was MARTIROSYAN Simon representing Armenia who became victorious in hoisting 170 kg in Snatch and 221 kg in Clean & Jerk attempt becoming the gold medalist with a total record of 391 kg . Following the first place winner , the Youth boy lifters from Serbia and France respectively obtained the silver and bronze medal .

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